Maintenance of your generator is critical to ensuring its longevity and avoiding unnecessary downtime. Things like light loading a generator (running a generator at less than its possible maximum output capacity) leads to a buildup of un-burned fuel in the exhaust of the engine. Neglecting scheduled maintenance can lead to unexpected operating costs and excessive wear.

Preventative Maintenance (PEMA)

  • Our PEMA services, such as fuel testing and sampling prevents costly issues. Stored diesel fuel will deteriorate over time. Sludge and water will accumulate on the bottom of the tank. Rust can form on the sides. Bacteria and fungus will grow in the fuel itself.
  • Most importantly, regularly scheduled maintenance will help to make sure that your generator is ready when the power is out!

Load Bank Testing

MCP is a factory trained, authorized and experienced Load Bank Testing Dealer for our Brands. Load bank testing involves running a standby or prime power generator under an artificial load at maximum capacity. During load bank testing, data can be recorded that offers a more thorough look into the health of the genset on the whole.

  • Verify that the generator is capable of handling its maximum specified load for an extended period of time.
  • Verify that the generator does not have a buildup of un-burned fuel in the exhaust as a result of light loading and testing burns off the fuel.
  • Allows the engine to reach this full operating temperature.

Warranty Service

MCP is a Factory-Certified Warranty Service provider with crews that are highly trained, competent, capable and professional representatives for MCP and our Manufacturers. With Briggs & Stratton offering a full 10 Year Full Warranty on the Fortress 12 kW System, this work is more critical than ever!

Factory Service

MCP is also a Factory-Certified After Warranty Service provider!