MCP Customer Appreciation Program – MCP Referral Rebates Policy

Thank you very much for being our highly valued customer!

MCP offers any new customer a Customer Appreciation Program for Customer Referral Rebates! If one or more of your referred customers purchases a standby generator, you will receive a check ranging from $100-$250 (depending on the size of the installed generator) for each generator purchased. You can use it as many times as you may want. Also the person who you referred will receive an MCP Discount equal to ½ of the Referral Rebate that you receive!

We strongly  believe there is nothing better than a job well done that earns a reasonable profit for excellent value and quality of workmanship leading to  happy, satisfied customers.  And we all know that among the very best sales promotions is the direct referral of satisfied customers who can candidly speak to friends and family of what their experience truly has been.  If it was poor- there should be no reason to make any referral.  But if the customer is fully satisfied, why not share it?  Especially if other benefits accrue.  We certainly always strive for the latter.

True value is ultimately shown when things may not go quite right.  Things  can go wrong with systems built and installed by humans.  But our prompt, qualified service response to the situation- with a sincere dedication to resolve promptly, properly and fairly is what makes a positive difference.  If and when you make a referral for us – we are both committed to not letting each other down.  And certainly not this new potential customer either.  Our MCP pricing is always Honest . . . Very Competitive.  Our dedication and quality service:  Unmatched!

Please encourage others to do business with us for these rewards:

  1. MCP Customer Referral Rebates ( Every time, as many times as you may want.)
  2. MCP Discount to the Referred Customer (Equals ½ of the Referral Rebate)
  • For Residential Systems Sales: Systems 8kW up to 22 kW = $100;  24k kW to 100kW = $200
  • Commercial and Industrial Sales- $250 per sale

This is an MCP direct rebate, to be sent immediately upon the startup of the referred customer system.

Customers also qualify for all particular  Brand Rebate programs.  Most have periodic rebates.  As for Briggs & Stratton – they have a continuous program of $50 and $100.  As well as periodic specials too.

  1. Annual Preventative Maintenance Referral (PEMA)

   Rebate-  $30 per new customer.  New customer discount =$20 in year 1.

MCP Rebate Expiration:  5 years from the installation date of the customer’s system.  And renewed upon every successful referral.

If you have a referral please fill out The MCP Customer Referral Sheet.

Thank you very much.  We really appreciate your good business, trust  and referrals too!