Blue Star Power Systems Standby Generators

Blue Star Power Systems Liquid Cooled Systems.

Michigan Critical Power considers Blue Star Power Systems to be our flagship line for our Commercial & Industrial installations with their comprehensive portfolio of products to serve all major markets within the power generation industry.

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Gaseous Product Line

Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. offers gaseous generator sets ranging from 25 - 425 kWe with Engines manufactured by General Motors or Power Solutions Int.. From prime power to back-up emergency power, our experience in gaseous makes ease of a wide variety of applications in a multitude of environments. Special applications that require gaseous options because of local fuel codes, containment, or customer preferences are available in natural gas, propane, and combined fuel options. Meeting the most current EPA standards ensures offering the most innovative technical solutions for reducing emissions, and providing you with the best unit for your application. All units are UL 2200 Listed, CSA Certified, & Seismic Certified to IBC 2012.

Diesel Product Lines

Powered by a wide variety of engines (John Deere, Mitsubishi, MTU or Volvo Penta) to suit our customers’ most unique requirements, Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. offers diesel generator sets ranging from 30 - 2500 kWe. From our standard product line to our customized product, our quality and attention to detail is unparalleled. Our expertise and flexible customized solutions offer you the unique opportunity to receive a unit that is fit perfectly to you or your customer’s particular application. Whether your need is continuous power, the ability to cover peak loads, or simply peace of mind with back-up emergency power, our goal is always to develop a long term partnership well beyond the sale. Our commitment to fuel efficiency, and current EPA emissions standards provide you with the most technologically advanced, environmentally friendly unit available. All units are UL 2200 Listed, CSA Certified, & Seismic Certified to IBC 2012

Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. offers mobile generators from 30 - 600 kWe for any application required. Every model is emissions compliant for non-road use. With reliable power and low operating costs, these units are ideal for rentals, peak shaving, and any application that requires versatile and convenient power. All units come equipped with a variety of powder coated enclosures and rugged steel constructed DOT certified trailers. Engines from John Deere, MTU or Volvo Penta.

Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. offers EPA Tier 4 Final compliant generator sets ranging from 100 - 600 kWe. From prime power to peak shaving applications, in both stationary and mobile versions, our FT4 units meet all Federal, State and local emissions regulations that require certified FT4 engines. Our decision to use the proven SCR technology has allowed us to eliminate DPF regeneration cycles, resulting in reduced down-time and maintenance of the exhaust after treatment system. This combined with our commitment to fuel efficiency improves performance and minimizes operating costs. All units are UL 2200 Listed, CSA Certified, & Seismic Certified to IBC 2012.