Cummins C17 N6H QuietConnect Series 17kW Home Standby Generator

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  • Fuel: Field Selectable to Run Natural Gas or LP (Propane)
  • Style: Residential Standby Emergency Power
  • Running Watts: 17,000 Rated Watts
  • Voltage: 120/240 Single Phase
  • Engine: Cummins Onan (Air Cooled)
  • Models: RS17A or RS17AE (Cold Weather)

Series: RS17A

Model: C17N6H
Part number: A061C596
Extreme Cold Weather: No
Rated amp (NG / LPV): 70.8 / 70.8
Weight Lbs. / Kg:  531 / 241

The generator is designed to operate in cold weather with performance down to 0 °F (-18 °C) out of the box.

Series: RS17AE (For Extreme Cold Weather)

Model: C17N6H
Part number: A062E511
Extreme Cold Weather: Yes
Rated amp (NG / LPV): 70.8 / 70.8
Weight Lbs. / Kg:  531 / 241

The extreme cold weather models can perform down to -40 °F (-40 °C) out of the box.

Product Features


  • Natural gas/propane
  • Engine air cleaner
  • Engine oil (Synthetic)
  • Oil drain extension tube
  • Low oil pressure shutdown

Fuel System

  • Single fuel – natural gas or propane vapor, field selectable (Set to Natural gas from factory)


  • 60 Hz, 1 phase, < 5% THD (total harmonic distortion)
  • Long life electrographic DC brushes
  • Slip ring heater


  • Display language – English
  • Under hood built in display


  • Single 100A circuit breaker, UL certified (On all models)
  • Battery charging alternator
  • Battery charger – 4 Amps


  • Single direct drive blower


  • Aluminum exterior, galvanized steel interior
  • Evaluated to withstand 180 MPH wind loads in accordance with ASCE7-10

Code Compliance

  • UL 2200
  • CSA 22.2 and B149.1
  • EPA emissions
  • NFPA 37 – 18 inches


  • Base: 5 years / 2000 hours
  • Extended warranties available

Generator Set performance

  • Voltage regulation, no load to full load: ±1.25%
  • Steady state voltage variation: ±1.25%
  • Frequency regulation: Isochronous
  • Motor starting kVA (30% voltage dip): 26 for RS13A
  • Steady state freq. variation: ±1.25% (±1.5% @ No load)
  • Operating temperature: 122 °F (50 °C) to -40 °F (-40 °C)

See Accessories section for details on kits


  • Model: QSJ999G
  • Design: Naturally aspirated, V twin air cooled
  • Bore: 3.54 in (89.9 mm)
  • Stroke: 3.09 in (78.5 mm)
  • Displacement: 60.96 inch3 (999 CC)
  • Cylinder block: Aluminum
  • Battery capacity: Group 51R, 450 CCA at ambient temperature of 32 °F (0 °C)
  • Starting voltage: 12 volt, negative ground
  • Oil Filter type: Spin-on
  • Rated speed: 3600 rpm

Fuel Supply Pressure

  • Minimum - in H2O (kPa): NG - 3.5 (0.87) / LP - 6.0 (1.49)
  • Maximum - in H2O (kPa): NG - 12.0 (3.0) / LP - 12.0 (3.0)

Features and Benefits

  • Robust Design – It is tested and certified per the latest EPA, UL, and CSA standards. The generator meets NFPA 37 which allows it to be installed 18 inches from a building. It has powerful motor starting ability and can easily start and run a 5-ton A/C¹ under full pre-load.
  • Intelligent Load Management - The generator can control up to 4 loads and continuously monitors how much power is required independently for each load. It then controls each load for maximum utilization of generator power by only restoring loads the generator has capacity to run.
  • Flexible Exercise Modes - Exercise modes can be set for time, date, and frequency that suits the owner. Our patented ‘Crank only’ exercise mode allows the generator to crank the engine and run diagnostics without starting the engine. This reduces wear and tear on the engine, fuel costs, and further reduces the sound of an already quiet generator.
  • Remote Monitoring - Remote monitoring is built into every generator. Using a computer, tablet, or smart phone, an operator can monitor, change exercise modes, and manually run the generator remotely.

Size and Sound Level

  • Size: Length: 34.1 in (865 mm), Width: 36.0 in (915 mm), Height: 27.3 in (694 mm)
  • Sound: 65 dB(A) at 23 ft. (7 m) at normal load (Quietest point at a normal load. Sound performance may be affected by installation. )
  • Voltage / Frequency: 120/240V / 60Hz


Average Fuel Consumption

RS17A Fuel consumption – natural gas

Nominal fuel rating – 1000 BTU / ft3 (37 MJ / M3)

RS17A Fuel consumption – LP vapor
Conversion factor:
8.58 ft³ = 1 lb.
0.535m³ = 1 kg
36.39 ft³ = 1 gal
1.02m³ = 1gal (LPG)
Easy Service and Installation
Note: This outline drawing provides general reference only and is not intended for use in design or installation. For more information, see Operators and Installation manuals or contact your distributor or dealer for assistance.

Transfer Switches & Transfer Switches With Load Centers (also sold separately)

Transfer Switch

  • Automatic Transfer Switches available in various amperages.
  • Service Entrance and Non-Service Entrances models are available.
  • Available for both Indoor and Outdoor applications.
  • All models UL listed to UL 1008 standard.
  • Compatibility with the Cummins generator set helps reduce the installation time for the complete application.

Warranty Policy

The Cummins Power Generation RS13A/RS13AE generators come standard with a 5 year / 2,000 hour limited warranty. RA Automatic Transfer Switches come standard with a 2 year warranty. Extended warranty options available. See warranty statement for additional details.

After Sale Support

Largest distributor/dealer support network Cummins Power Generation generator sets are supported by the largest and best trained worldwide certified distributor/dealer network in the industry. This network of knowledgeable distributor/dealers will help you select and install the right generator set and accessories to meet the requirements of your specific application. This same network offers a complete selection of commonly used generator set maintenance parts, accessories and products plus manuals and specification sheets. Plus, they can answer your questions regarding proper operation, maintenance schedules and more.


Operation and installation manuals ship with the generator set. To obtain additional copies or other manuals for this model, contact Michigan Critical Power or Cummins.


  • RS In-home display (A053K028) - Additional interface and display to monitor generator performance from a second location.
  • Extreme Cold Weather Kit (A054B984) – For locations where the generator will be in climates that can go below 0 °F (-18 °C). Not needed on extreme cold weather models.
  • Enclosure Paint Touchup Kit (A043J735)
  • Preventative Maintenance Kit (A054H068) – Parts for scheduled maintenance intervals
  • Load Add/Load Shed Device (A051C329) – Allows generator to control up to 2 - 50A loads • Integrated ATS & Load Panel (A051C991) – Combines an 100A Non-Service Entrance (NSE) ATS with a load panel in an NEMA 1 box
  • Concrete Composite Mounting Pad - 3” thick, 1” overhang composite pad for mounting the generator on (A052A795 for a single pad, A057M349 for 5 pads, and A057M351 for 10 pads)
  • E-stop Kit (A044Z051) - Externally mounted emergency stop button allows for additional safety
  • Battery (A052Y816) - Group 51R, 450 CCA