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Cummins C80D6C 80kW

Cummins Agricultural Standby Generator

The Cummins C80D6C 80kW Agricultural Spec Diesel Generator is a powerful and reliable machine designed to provide a dependable source of backup power for agricultural operations. With a robust diesel engine and advanced control system, this generator delivers high-quality electricity to keep your farm running smoothly even during power outages. Its rugged construction and efficient design make it ideal for use in harsh environments, ensuring that you can depend on it year after year. Whether you need a backup power source for your livestock, irrigation systems, or other critical equipment, the Cummins C80D6C generator is an excellent choice for any farmer or rancher.

Cummins Agricultural Standby Generator
Cummins C80D6C 80kW 
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The Cummins C80D6C generator is powered by a reliable and efficient Cummins QSB5 engine. This engine is designed to deliver maximum performance and reliability, while also being fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. The QSB5 engine features a four-stroke cycle, direct fuel injection, and a turbocharger, which allows it to produce 80 kW of power at 60 Hz.

Control System:
The C80D6C generator is equipped with a digital control system that allows you to monitor and control the generator’s performance easily. The control system features a user-friendly interface, which displays critical information such as voltage, frequency, and engine speed. It also includes features such as automatic voltage regulation, automatic shutdown protection, and remote start capability.

The Cummins C80D6C generator is housed in a durable, weather-resistant enclosure that is designed to protect the generator from the elements. The enclosure is made of heavy-duty steel and features a powder-coated finish that resists corrosion and rust. The enclosure is also designed for easy access to the generator’s components, making maintenance and service tasks straightforward.

Fuel System:
The C80D6C generator has a large, 100-gallon fuel tank, which provides enough fuel for up to 24 hours of continuous operation at full load. The fuel tank is made of steel and is protected by a lockable access door. The generator’s fuel system also includes a primary fuel filter, a water separator, and a secondary fuel filter, which ensures that the engine receives clean fuel.

Cooling System:
The C80D6C generator is equipped with a liquid-cooled engine, which uses a radiator and a fan to maintain optimal operating temperatures. The cooling system also includes a coolant recovery tank, a coolant drain valve, and a thermostat, which helps to regulate the engine temperature.

Sound Attenuation:
The Cummins C80D6C generator is designed to operate quietly, with a sound level of only 69 dB(A) at 23 feet (7 meters). The generator’s enclosure is lined with sound-absorbing material, and the exhaust system includes a residential-grade muffler, which reduces noise levels.

The Cummins C80D6C generator comes with a standard limited warranty of two years or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first. The warranty covers defects in material and workmanship and includes parts and labor for repairs. Cummins also offers a variety of extended warranty options, which can provide additional coverage for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours.

Overall, the Cummins C80D6C 80kW Agricultural Spec Diesel Generator is a reliable and efficient machine that provides a dependable source of backup power for agricultural operations. With its advanced control system, durable enclosure, and efficient engine, this generator is an excellent choice for farmers and ranchers who need a reliable backup power source.

– Model: Cummins QSB5
– Type: 4-stroke, turbocharged, direct fuel injection
– Rated power: 80 kW at 60 Hz
– Rated voltage: 120/208V, 277/480V
– Rated frequency: 60 Hz
– Governor type: Electronic

Control System
– Digital control system
– User-friendly interface
– Voltage regulation: ±1%
– Frequency regulation: ±0.25%
– Automatic shutdown protection
– Remote start capability
– Hour meter

– Material: Heavy-duty steel
– Finish: Powder-coated
– Weather-resistant
– Sound level: 69 dB(A) at 23 feet (7 meters)
– Sound attenuating material
– Lockable access doors

Fuel System
– Fuel tank capacity: 100 gallons (379 liters)
– Fuel type: Diesel
– Fuel consumption at full load: 5.5 gallons per      hour (20.8 liters per hour)
– Primary fuel filter
– Water separator
– Secondary fuel filter

Cooling System
– Liquid-cooled
– Radiator and fan
– Coolant recovery tank
– Coolant drain valve
– Thermostat

– Stamford alternator
– Brushless design
– Class H insulation
– Self-exciting and self-regulating
– Voltage regulation: ±1%
– Harmonic distortion: <5%

– Standard limited warranty: 2 years or 2,000       hours, whichever comes first
– Extended warranty options available

Dimensions and Weight
– Length: 152.3 inches (3,867 mm)
– Width: 60 inches (1,524 mm)
– Height: 87.8 inches (2,230 mm)
– Dry weight: 6,400 lbs (2,903 kg)


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