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Cummins RS17A – 17kW Quiet Connect™ Series







Cummins RS17A – 17kW Quiet Connect™ Series

Improve your performance. Make the most of your time. Simplify the upkeep. Enhance the performance of your Cummins standby generator with accessories from the industry leader in standby power. For years of dependable standby power, products are available that maximize convenience and minimize maintenance. When the lights go out, you can trust on the performance and reliability of your equipment if you maintain it with original equipment manufacturer parts.

Cummins RS17A - 17kW Quiet Connect™ Series Home Standby Generator
Cummins RS17A – 17kW Quiet Connect™ Series Home Standby Generator
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Cummins RS17a 17kw Quiet Connect Generator

offers quiet power that is useful for any homeowner. Not only does it have the ability to power your house’s primary circuits, but it promises unusually quiet operation, even as it runs something as large as a 5-ton A/C unit. It also has automatic load management and efficiently saves power.

It is an energy efficient model; and you have the choice between LP and Natural gas when your order your unit. The RS17a is CARB and EPA certified. Choices of utility modes also help make it an efficient unit; you can pick and choose when your generator will run. Set any time and date and save power. A “Crank only” mode lets the unit run diagnostics without powering up the engine.

In addition to being efficient, this little generator is strong. It can handle extremely cold temperatures—down to zero degrees Fahrenheit, or lower if you purchase cold weather accessories. You can place it easily near your home—within 18 inches. If you’re away from home, you can monitor your unit remotely with internet access. The Cummins RS17a 17kw Quiet Connect Generator is, overall, an essential backup power source for your home.


  • The RS17A runs with a powerful, naturally aspirated, V twin air-cooled engine. The engine and motor start and run the generator with enough power to handle a 5-ton A/C unit.
  • Rated at 70.8 NG / 70.8 LPV amps.
  • This, like all units in the series, is a very quiet generator—65 dB(A) within 23 ft. (7 m) at a normal load.
  • The CUMMINS RS17A is a single fuel unit with 12-inch fuel lines. You have the choice between LP or Natural gas, and it has been UL, EPA, and CSA certified as well as tested and certified for UL, CSA, and EPA standards. The model can also self-diagnose.
  • At less than 5% total harmonic distortion, this unit supplies clean power that is safe for delicate appliances.
  • Remote monitoring in this generator allows you to view your unit’s status from anywhere. Simply connect to the internet via your device—tablet, computer, laptop, phone, etc.—and check on status, maintenance needs, and even operate the generator remotely.
  • This unit is capable of handling tough weather. It’s cold weather operable; it can handle zero-degree weather, and sometimes even lower temperatures with the help of some sold-separately accessories.
  • The base warranty for this model is 5 years or 2000 hours. There are extended warranties available.
  • The CUMMINS RS17A offers specific exercise modes so that you can set your own time and dates for operations. This means you can run the unit only when you need it. There is also a “Crank only” mode during which your generator cranks the engine, but does not start it just to run diagnostics.
  • The Intelligent Load Management in the RS17A means that the unit can control 4 loads while continuously monitoring each load independently. It conserves its power by controlling each load and only restoring those which it is able to power.
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