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Generac 200kW MDG250DF4-STD-MTG250 Mobile Diesel Generator

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The The Generac 200kW Generator MDG250DF4-STD, a state-of-the-art mobile diesel generator designed to redefine reliability and efficiency in power generation. Encapsulating Generac’s decades-long expertise in providing sustainable power solutions, this power behemoth is a true testament to cutting-edge technology, exceptional resilience, and unparalleled performance.

Equipped with a sturdy 200kW diesel engine, the MDG250DF4-STD-MTG250 promises a robust power supply, ensuring uninterrupted operations, whether it’s for commercial, industrial, or emergency applications. Its mobile nature is designed to cater to your power needs, wherever they are, thanks to its easy-to-tow design and superior portability.

With high-capacity fuel tanks, intuitive control panels, and advanced safety features, the Generac 200kW MDG250DF4-STD-MTG250 mobile diesel generator offers an extended run-time and seamless user interface for managing power output. In-built safety mechanisms protect both the equipment and the operator, offering peace of mind while ensuring optimal performance.

Experience the powerhouse of sustainable energy solutions that pairs rugged durability with sophistication. Meet the future of mobile power generation – the Generac 200kW MDG250DF4-STD-MTG250 Mobile Diesel Generator.



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Generator Specs

Generac 200kW MDG250DF4-STD-MTG250 Mobile Diesel Generator

The Generac 200kW MDG250DF4-STD-MTG250 Mobile Diesel Generator is a powerful, reliable, and highly portable power generation unit designed to offer unrivaled performance in any circumstance where on-demand power is required.

Engine and Power Output

Equipped with a heavy-duty diesel engine, this generator boasts a mighty 200kW power output, making it ideal for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications. From construction sites to disaster recovery operations, the MDG250DF4-STD-MTG250 provides a robust and consistent power supply that won’t let you down.

Fuel Efficiency and Tank Capacity

The generator’s engine is designed for high fuel efficiency, ensuring longer run times and lower operating costs. Coupled with a sizable fuel tank, the MDG250DF4-STD-MTG250 can deliver extended periods of uninterrupted power, minimizing refueling downtime.

Portability and Durability

This mobile generator features a sturdy, easy-to-tow design that enables it to be quickly deployed to wherever power is needed. The durable exterior casing is designed to withstand harsh environments and tough working conditions, ensuring the generator’s longevity and reliable operation.

User Interface and Safety Features

The Generac 200kW MDG250DF4-STD-MTG250 is equipped with a user-friendly control panel that provides intuitive management of power output. It also features advanced safety mechanisms, such as emergency shut-off and overheat protection, to safeguard both the generator and the operator.

Compliance and Warranty

The generator complies with all relevant safety and environmental regulations, ensuring its responsible use. It also comes with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty for additional peace of mind.

The Generac 200kW MDG250DF4-STD-MTG250 Mobile Diesel Generator is a testament to Generac’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, offering a robust and reliable power solution that you can trust.

Generac 200kW MDG250DF4-STD-MTG250 Mobile Diesel Generator Spec Sheet

Engine System

Powered by a John Deere® 6068HFG06 engine, known for reliability and performance.
Six-cylinder variable-geometry turbocharged (VGT) and aftercooled engine.
Displacement of 415 in³ (6.8 L) delivering power @ 1,800 rpm – 295 hp (220 kW) in Prime mode and 323 hp (241 kW) in Standby mode.
Compatible with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) fuels compliant with ASTM D975 or EN 15940.
Equipped with a paper element air filter, electronic isochronous governing, variable-speed fan.
Engine maintenance made easy with one spin-on cartridge oil filter, oil drain extension, one CCV system filter, one fuel/water separator-filter, and one fuel filter.
Powered by one 12V, 950 CCA wet cell battery.

Cooling System

Capable of operating at 108 °F (42 °C) ambient temperature in Prime mode.
Uses a 50/50 coolant mixture (50% Ethylene Glycol) and includes a coolant drain extension.

Fuel System

Single wall fuel tank with a total capacity of 358 gallons (1,355 L) and usable capacity of 343 gallons (1,298 L).
Runtime at 75% load stands at 33 hours.
DEF tank total capacity of 34.5 gallons (130.6 L), offering extended running time.
Fuel and DEF tank caps are pad lockable for added security.

Control System

Employs a Deep Sea Electronics® 7310 MKII controller, along with a 2-position link board.
Fitted with a 900 A main circuit breaker (MCB), manual, with shunt trip, and individual convenience receptacle circuit breakers.
Includes an emergency stop switch and remote 2-wire start/stop contacts for safety and convenience.

Alternator System

60 Hz engine-driven standard alternator that’s brushless, 4-pole, and has a 2/3 pitch.
Class H insulation with corrosion protection, facilitated by Marathon Electric® PM500 AVR and shunt excitation system.

Power Distribution

Power distribution facilitated through connection lugs and convenience receptacles.
It includes two 120V, 20A, GFCI duplex receptacles (NEMA 5-20R) and three 120/240V, 50A, 3 pole, 4 wire twist lock receptacles (CS6369).


Aluminum, sound-attenuated enclosure, insulated and baffled for quiet operation.
UV and fade-resistant, high-temperature cured, white polyester powder paint for durability.
Includes a central lifting point, control panel lights, interior lights, and a fully lockable enclosure.
Equipped with multilingual operating and safety decals and a document holder with the owner’s manual — includes AC and DC wiring diagrams.


Equipped with hydraulic surge brakes, a 3 in. (76.2 mm) pintle ring (adjustable), two 7,000 lb (3,175 kg) axles, and 17.5 in. tires (tubeless, 10 ply).
Includes a heavy-duty trailer jack, safety chains with spring-loaded safety hooks, transportation tie downs, and a plug adapter (round 7 blade adapter, SAE J2863).
Features DOT-approved tail, side, brake, and directional lights for safe transportation.


The generator comes with a 2 year limited warranty or 2,000 hours, with unlimited hours covered in the first year.

image 2022 04 27 085449174

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