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Generac 72101 24kW Guardian Generator

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Generac 72101 24kW Guardian Series Generator


Introducing the Generac 72101 24kW Guardian Generator — the epitome of robust reliability, engineered for steadfast power delivery. This power giant is not just a generator, but a promise of uninterrupted convenience for your home, your business, and your peace of mind.

The 24kW Guardian Generator embodies Generac’s commitment to innovation, integrating cutting-edge technology with over 60 years of power generation expertise. It’s not just powerful; it’s a smart, clean, and quiet alternative to traditional backup power sources.

At its heart, the Generac 72101 boasts a potent 24-kilowatt engine capable of catering to high-demand loads while maintaining fuel efficiency. It’s designed to weather any storm, providing steadfast power even during the most challenging outages.

We’ve built the Guardian Generator with seamless connectivity in mind. It effortlessly integrates with existing systems, ensuring smooth transition during power outages. With its Mobile Link™ remote monitoring, you can track your generator’s status from anywhere, providing an extra layer of comfort and convenience.

The Generac 72101 Guardian Generator does more than just power up your home; it safeguards your everyday life. With its durable all-aluminum enclosure and Rhino Coat™ powder-coated finish, it can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring its longevity and consistent performance.

Experience the tranquility of uninterrupted power with the Generac 72101 24kW Guardian Generator. Built to protect, engineered to last, and designed for your peace of mind, it’s not just a generator; it’s a Guardian.

Generac 72101 24kW Guardian Generator
Generac 72101 24kW Guardian
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Generator Specs

Generac 72101 24kW Guardian Generator: Power, Performance, and Peace of Mind

  • Powerful Performance: The Guardian Generator operates at a potent 24 kilowatts, capable of handling high-demand loads, ensuring you’re never without power when you need it most.
  • Innovative Design: Building on Generac’s 60 years of expertise, the 72101 model combines cutting-edge technology with practical design for a user-friendly, efficient power solution.
  • Superior Connectivity: The Guardian Generator is designed for seamless integration with existing systems and features Mobile Link™ remote monitoring, allowing you to keep track of your generator’s status from anywhere in the world.
  • Durable Construction: Enclosed in a tough all-aluminum casing and finished with a Rhino Coat™ powder coating, the 72101 is built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, ensuring longevity and dependable performance.
  • Fuel Efficient: The Guardian Generator is designed for optimum fuel efficiency, giving you long-lasting power without a significant increase in your fuel expenses.
  • Quiet Operation: Unlike traditional generators, the 72101 operates at a remarkably quiet volume, ensuring that your daily life goes on undisturbed even during power outages.
  • Easy Installation: Our Guardian Generator is easy to install, with clear instructions and support available, so you can get your system up and running quickly and efficiently.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: With Generac’s comprehensive warranty, you can rest assured knowing that we stand behind our products, giving you peace of mind along with power.

Choose the Generac 72101 24kW Guardian Generator, and experience the tranquility of uninterrupted power, superior performance, and the assurance of a trusted name in power generation.

Spec Sheet for the Generac 72101 24kW Guardian

Product InformationSpecifications
Product CategoryGenerator – Standby
Weight455 Pounds
Made inUSA
Consumer Warranty5 Years
Commercial Warranty5 Years
Product StyleStandby Generator
Product Dimensions48 x 25 x 29 Inches
Installation AvailableYes
Product SpecsSpecifications
Voltage120/240 Single-Phase
Frequency60 Hertz
Rated Watts24000 Watts
Fuel TypeLP/Natural Gas
NG Power Capacity21000 Watts
LP Power Capacity24000 Watts
NG Fuel Consumption @ 50% Load203 ft³/hr
NG Fuel Consumption @ 100% Load306 ft³/hr
LP Fuel Consumption @ 50% Load2.53 gallons/hr
LP Fuel Consumption @ 100% Load3.9 gallons/hr
Rated Amps100 Amps
Decibel Rating @ 7m67
Transfer SwitchAutomatic (Included)
Transfer Switch Amperage200-Amps
BatteryNot Included
Circuit Breaker Size100 Amps
A/C Ton Rating2 x 5-Tons
Mounting PadComposite (Included)
Transfer Switch StyleService Disconnect
ATS Load SheddingBuilt-In
ATS Service DisconnectYes
Cooling SystemAir Cooled
UL ListedYes
Grade TypeEmergency
Wi-Fi Remote MonitoringYes
Engine SpecsSpecifications
Engine BrandGenerac OHVI
Starting System12v Auto Start
CC999 CC
Consumer Engine Warranty5 Years
Commercial Engine Warranty5 Years
Engine RPM3600 RPM
Low Oil Alert/ShutdownYes
image 2022 04 27 085449174
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