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Generac Generator Service

When you are ready to have your Generac generator serviced, we would like you to consider us at Michigan Critical Power for all your service needs. We specialize in standby generator sales and service, but we also have portable generators as well for the outdoor enthusiast. We are Grand Rapids premier Generac service dealer and would love to help you with your project.


When should my Generac generator be serviced?

Every generator maintenance schedule should be at a minimum once a year, and you should change the oil and oil filter. Check and replace if necessary the air filter. This should be regular maintenance so you can prevent your unit from not running in the event you need it. A automatic home backup generator is like any other machine and should be maintained as such. We also offer maintenance kits for the DIY person.


How long can my Generac generator run?

Your Generac generator is designed to run non stop, but we advise you should shut it down every 24 hrs to at least check the engine oil in the unit as preventative maintenance during the outage you are in. No matter if it is hours until power is restored from the grid, your back-up home generator will keep the lights on and your home secure. During a power outage people tend to get nervous, but have faith in your standby generator. This is what they were built to do.



How long will my Generac battery last?

Typically the battery in your standby generator will have a life span of 3 years, now this does depend on cold weather as well. Cold is the killer of all battery items and anyone that lives in cold area’s of the country will tell you this. Some newer units from Generac will have a mobile link where you can have remote monitoring for this as well. This option is on select generator units.

You will be able to also detect this without mobile view from the weekly exercise schedule and if it turns over slow, that might be a sign to change it out.


In Conclusion

No matter if you are needing warranty repairs, or a scheduled maintenance. Let our licensed technician come out and get you taken care of before you need the unit again. Our technicians on staff can handle your annual service every year with a reminder from us when you are due. We offer a complete standby generator service as well as installation as well. Avoid costly emergency repairs, and schedule our experienced service technicians to get you taken care of today. Contact Us !


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I exercise my Generac generator?

    It is recommended to exercise a Generac generator for at least 10-20 minutes every month.


  • Can I service my Generac generator myself?

    While basic maintenance tasks like checking the oil level can be done by the owner, it is recommended to have a qualified technician perform more complex tasks like engine tune-ups and repairs.


  • What is the life expectancy of a Generac generator?

    The life expectancy of a Generac generator can vary depending on usage and maintenance, but it is generally estimated to be around 20-30 years.


  • How often should a Generac whole house generator be serviced?

    Generac recommends servicing their whole house generators once a year or after every 200 hours of use, whichever comes first.


  • What maintenance is required on a Generac?

    Regular maintenance tasks for a Generac generator include checking the oil level and filter, inspecting the air filter, and testing the battery. It is also important to have a qualified technician perform more in-depth maintenance tasks like engine tune-ups and repairs.


  • How often should you check oil in Generac?

    Generac recommends checking the oil level in their generators every 8 hours of continuous use or once a month during standby use.


  • Do I need to change the oil in my generator every year?

    The oil in a generator should be changed at least once a year.

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