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Generator Size Chart Quick Chart

Home Size (Sq. Ft.)Avg. Power Usage (kWh/day)Recommended Generator Size (kW)
< 100010 – 205 – 7
1000 – 200020 – 307 – 10
2000 – 300030 – 4010 – 15
3000 – 400040 – 5015 – 20
> 400050+20+


Understanding Power Requirements

Every electrical appliance has two types of wattage requirements: running watts and starting watts. Running watts refer to the continuous power needed to keep an appliance running, while starting watts are the additional power that appliances may require to start-up or during peak operation.

Consider the example of a refrigerator. It may need around 600-800 running watts, but at the time of starting the compressor, it might temporarily require up to 2400 watts. This is why it is crucial to take into account both the running and starting watts of all your appliances when deciding on a generator size.

Power Requirements of Common Household Appliances

Here’s a list of common household appliances along with their approximate running and starting watts:

ApplianceRunning WattsStarting Watts
Refrigerator/Freezer600 – 8001200 – 2400
Electric Range (one element)25002500
Toaster1100 – 17001100 – 1700
Hot Plate12501250
Coffeemaker400 – 800400 – 800
Electric Oven50005000
Television100 – 350100 – 350
Personal Computer500 – 2000500 – 2000
Hair Dryer1200 – 15001200 – 1500
Vacuum700 – 1400700 – 1400
Space Heater12501250
Table Lamp150150
Electric Furnace5000 – 250005000 – 25000
Heater (radiant)13001300
Central Air Conditioning2000 – 40004000 – 8000
Water Heater3000 – 45003000 – 4500
Water Pump1000 – 20002000 – 3000
Window Air Conditioner600 – 15001000 – 2000
Outdoor Lighting500 – 1000500 – 1000
Sump Pump15002500 – 3000
Dishwasher1200 – 24001200 – 2400
Garage Door Opener350 – 7501050 – 2350
Washer500 – 10001500 – 2000
Dryer1800 – 50005400 – 15000
Air Purifier50 – 200 


The above figures are approximate as the power consumption may vary based on the specific model and usage. The running watts are the continual power the device needs to operate, and the starting watts are what the appliance might require at startup or at peak operation.

This should give a more accurate idea for the total wattage needed and help you choose the right generator size. However, it’s always best to check with the appliance’s manual or manufacturer’s guide to get the most accurate power requirement information. Also, it is advised to consult with a professional when selecting a generator for your specific needs.

Generator Size Chart
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