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How Do Standby Generators Work?

How do standby generators work?

The generator then sends the electricity to the home’s electrical panel, where it is distributed throughout the house. The amount of power generated depends on the size of the generator; larger generators can produce more electricity than smaller ones. Standby generators also come with an automatic transfer switch that senses when grid power is lost and switches to using the generator instead. This switch allows for a seamless transition from the power grid to the home.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Automatic transfer switches are equipped with a magnet to sense when the grid power is lost, causing the switch to trip a magnetic field and activate the generator. During a power outage as long as your fuel source is sound, your backup generator will fire up automatically. Then your home will be on generator power, until utility power comes back online.

Power loss is never fun for anyone, but having electrical power in a outage will give you peace of mind, until utility power returns. We tend to never worry about power until a natural disaster hits, and the electrical grid goes down.

Generator Types

The type of generator you choose will depend on the amount of power needed and the budget. Portable generators are a good choice for light-duty, occasional use, while stationary generators are better suited to providing continuous power in an emergency. Stationary standby generators typically require professional installation. The electrical load will vary from home to home as well, as well the power management options from different manufacturers.

Utility Power Is Lost?

We are so dependent on power with all of our electronics today. A Backup power source is critical for most folks this day and age. From security systems to the Internet, etc. Electrical energy plays a bigger role in our lives than we think. Your family really should consider an emergency generator for uninterrupted power. With frequent power outages becoming more frequent, it is a great feeling knowing you have standby power ready in a flash.

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