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Winco W10PTOS Generator

Winco W10PTOS Generator

The WINCO rotating field power take-off generators are designed primarily for hobby/small farm use as a standby electrical power supply, utilizing the power take-off of a tractor or truck as the prime mover.

The Winco W10PTO Generator has a 515 RPM gear case and a single phase, 120/240V power output which generates a starting capacity of 10,000 standby watts for clean power.

PTO Generators are available from WINCO in capacities of 10kW to 150kW. For the broadest assortment of PTO models in the business, from small-scale farmers to major livestock producers, go no further than WINCO.

RPM operating speed with low harmonic distortion for proper output makes this unit an effective operation for optimal experience during a power outage.

The W10PTOS – 10 kW can be powered with the versatility of subcompact tractors as the power source.

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Winco W15PTOS PTO Generator
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Generator Specs

The W10PTOS has a standby wattage of 10,000 and is single phase, with 120/240V and 515RPM gear case.

Different Uses
Create electricity to run equipment on a farm or ranch.
During a power outage, have a backup for your house, barn, or structures.
Alternator without brushes
provides clean, secure electricity for electrical devices
5% or less of low harmonics
Circuit Breaker Mainline
prevents overload on the generator and appliances
enormous voltmeter
From your tractor seat, you can easily keep an eye on your energy usage.
Iron Gear Case in Cast
a tough, high-quality textile made to withstand the elements.
Six Spline, 1-3/8″
Attach the tractor to the PTO Mobility using a tumble bar (available separately) (sold separately)
With a trailer or 3-point hitch, move your PTO generator.
The generator is shipped with a full-power 60A plug.


Where are Winco PTO generators made?

Winco PTO generators are made in Le Center, Minnesota, USA.


How many HP does it take to run a 15kw PTO generator?

It takes about 30 horsepower to run a 15kw PTO generator. 


What is the rpm of a 10kw generator?

The rpm of a 10kw generator can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Typically, it ranges from 1800 to 3600 rpm.


Can a tractor be used as a generator?

Yes, a tractor can be used as a generator by attaching a PTO generator to the tractor’s power take-off shaft. This allows the tractor to generate electricity while it is running.


How much horsepower do I need to run a PTO generator?

The horsepower required to run a PTO generator depends on the generator’s size and the amount of power being produced. As a general rule, it takes about 2 horsepower per kilowatt of power produced.


How many watts do you need to power a house?

The number of watts needed to power a house varies depending on the size of the house and the appliances and devices being used. As a general rule, a typical household needs around 5,000 to 7,000 watts of power.

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