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Winco W15PTOS PTO Generator


WINCO’s W 15 PTOS Generator is a rotating field power take-off (PTO) generators are a reliable solution for hobbyists and small farmers who need a standby electrical power supply. These generators utilize the power take-off of a tractor or truck as the prime mover, providing 120/240V single phase, 60Hz electrical service when properly driven.

It is important to note that the prime mover which drives the generator must be capable of delivering approximately 2 HP per 1000 watts output from the generator. Additionally, input RPM specifications must be observed.

This PTO drive generator may be mounted in a variety of ways, including foundation mounted, trailer mount or 3-point hitch mounted. Your specific application will dictate the ideal mounting method.

The WINCO W15PTOS PTO Generator comes equipped with a color-coded voltmeter to warn against high or low voltage, as well as two output power receptacles with individual circuit breakers for your protection.

In order to minimize maintenance problems, the coupling between the generator input shaft and rotor consists of precision helical gearing, rather than a chain link drive.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient standby electrical power supply for your hobby or small farm, the WINCO W15PTOS PTO Generator may be the perfect solution. With its sturdy construction and variety of mounting options, this generator can be customized to fit your unique needs. Plus, the color-coded voltmeter and individual circuit breakers ensure your safety and peace of mind. Choose WINCO for your power needs and experience the difference in quality and reliability.

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Winco W15PTOS PTO Generator
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Starting at 15,000 standby watts, this W15PTOS is single phase, 120/240V with a 515RPM gearcase.

Low Harmonic Distortion
     Provides clean power for both farm and home.
Compact Design
     Easily move and store your PTO generator.
Cast Iron Gearcase with Helical Gears
     A 515 RPM operating speed makes for effective operation.
     A large 3″ voltmeter ensures the proper output.
Premium Circuit Breakers
     Providing clear and instant identification of a tripped circuit.
Protective PTO Shield
     Safety is always a priority.
60 Amp NEMA 14-60 Full Power Plug


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